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IDSync Software Suite – Odin Automation Extensions

IDSync is a suite of software extensions for Odin Automation designed to supply hosting service providers and their resellers with additional product and service revenue, enabling competitive advantage while creating a wider and deeper audience for hosting and managed provider services.  Included in the suite are the following products:

  1. IDSync Billing Studio for Odin Automation
  2. Active Directory Cloud Portal for Odin Automation
  3. IDSync for Office 365/Azure or Hosted Exchange
  4. Odin Service Users Connector

For more information about the products, please see short descriptions below or contact us at:

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1. IDSync Billing Studio for Odin Automation

IDSync Billing Studio (IBS) is an integration between Odin Automation billing modules and Autotask or Connectwise systems. IBS is designed to aid the hosting service provider with the recruitment and retention of MSP resellers. IBS enables an efficient and automated method of billing data integration between Odin and the reseller so they can easily manage and rebill the hosted services

2. Active Directory Cloud Portal

Active Directory Cloud Portal (ADCP) is an extension to Odin Automation. ADCP enables a service provider or an IT help desk to manage the Active Directories of many customers via a web based browser without direct login to Active Directory.

Further, by logging into this Odin extension, for the larger enterprise, it allows them to distribute Active Directory tasks and access to employees in a secure and efficient way that reduces IT support costs while conforming to IT security norms associated with Active Directory management.

The Active Directory Cloud Portal enables a service provider to offer AD Management as a service, using a web browser to securely manage their customers on-premise Active Directories without VPN’s, RDP, sharing passwords, etc. In short, it is a quicker, more secure, more effective way for a larger service organization to manage access and changes to their customer’s multiple AD’s through a single web interface without the need to provide highly privileged user accounts to the service engineers.

Going further, Active Directory privileges and rights can be managed in such a way that it would tolerate and could encourage providing direct AD access to some user departments, perhaps human resources or department managers without violating security norms.   The whole intent of the product is to reduce the risk of identity management while improving service response and lowering the cost of IT support as it pertains to Active Directory, providing a new software license and service revenue opportunity.

3. IDSync for Office 365/Azure or Hosted Exchange

This IDSync connector to Office365 and Hosted Exchange is designed for Odin hosting service providers that need an automated way to provision and synchronize Active Directory users with Odin Automation. Used to populate and maintain Active Directory information in Odin Automation, Office 365 or Azure including:

  • AD Users
  • Passwords
  • Security Groups
  • Contacts
  • Distribution Lists

As an identity access management platform, IDSync synchronizes identity data between the end users AD data base and Odin Automation and/or Office 365. This eliminates redundant data entry normally done by a network administrator to add new employees to the system or to change existing employee data.

This improves data security, eliminates errors, and automates the data updating process without spreadsheets, XML, coding or any manual intervention.   Unlike other approaches to the problem of provisioning and maintenance, the IDSync software requires no importing, exporting and it just runs as a service in real-time updating user info as it changes.

This integration with Exchange reduces labor costs of provisioning and maintenance by 95% freeing up valuable IT labor using real-time updates and “Set it and forget it” operations.

The integration synchronizes user passwords and meta-data to minimize help tickets and improve user convenience along with security groups, contacts and distribution lists, resulting in faster customer start-up reduced technical efforts, making Odin Automation and the hosted service a more valuable tool and offering.

4. Odin Service Users Connector

The IDSync general purpose “Service User” Connector may be used to automate the provisioning of Active Directory Users as Odin Service Users for purposes of providing that information to ANY and ALL APS 2 applications that use “Service Users” as part of their architecture. The ability to provide a single, common database of identity information for all applications minimizes overhead and increases productivity.