Identity Syncronizer v4.1.184

Systems Impacted: IDSync Cloud Billing
Audience: Autotask Cloud Billing

Issue(s) Addressed: Dropped Seat Processing

Description of Issue:  Late last year, IDSync was asked to modify its adjustment processing to help ensure that “dropped” license seats would not be processed by Autotask as resulting in prorated credit values on customer invoices.  We made the requested change to adjustment processing to accommodate this request by simply posting any “dropped seat” with a $0.00 price.  This in turn resulted in the dropped seat being calculated with no “credit” going to the customer as desired.  Unfortunately, it was determined this approach to avoiding “prorated refunds” can sometimes result in miscalculated invoices due to the way that Autotask calculates and applies product prices.

Resolution:  Effective 1/25/2019, “dropped seats” are being posted with an effective date equal to the first day of the next billing cycle according to the Autotask contract.  Autotask assures us that this will result in no “prorated refunds” for those dropped seats.  Please note that these dropped seats will not appear under the prorated transactions section of the Contract Services display in Autotask so it may not be immediately obvious that IDSync has posted the “drop”.  However, you will be able to see the total number of seats reduce if you change the “Show Data For:” date to the first day of the next billing cycle.  After changing the “Show Data For:” date, the total number of UNITS should reflect the number of seats with any dropped seats applied.

Action Items: While the production change has been made to address dropped-seat processing going forward, it is impossible for our systems to retroactively change the posting of negative amounts that may have been miscalculated in the Autotask system in the past.  In some cases, MSPs may have already detected and corrected any miscalculations.  However, it is important that Autotask Cloud Billing MSP’s check to see whether the prior processing of dropped-seats has resulted in any miscalculated invoices.  We recommend that Autotask MSPs run an adjustment log report through the IDSync Cloud Billing portal and look for any contract/services to which negative adjustments were posted in or after September 2018.  For those contract/services, double-check the resultant Autotask invoices and determine whether manual adjustments to product price are needed in the Autotask system to get Autotask to properly calculate invoices for that service on that contract going forward.