IDSync® Gateway™


The IDSync Gateway™ is our provider-based product that allows for a secure linkage between the IDSync® Client services running behind the client network and the Web-Service endpoints said client may need access to.

It secures the connection by encrypting and encoding each transaction over an SSL connection.  This provider-based extension of IDSync® will make widely available web-services with little-to-no authentication or web-services with no publicly facing web address accessible to the IDSync® client, and the client only as it uses a secure proprietary token security based system in order to be utilized.  We also make sure that transactions are user/account based, so in the instances where a web service does not authenticate by-user or account; we do.


This software is Microsoft® Windows based, and as such is supported on Windows 2008 R2 and newer.†

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† – Also requires .NET 4.0 Framework and ASP.NET Features enabled