IDSync® is an extensible Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that brings centralized identity management and application-level control to Active Directory to simplify management of user identity and security information. IDSync® automatically synchronizes passwords and identities between all business applications and Microsoft’s Active Directory, freeing users from having to remember unique passwords for multiple applications, and easing key IT operations and support requirements.

IDSync® Benefits

  • Reduces business risk related to potential data breaches
  • Lowers the cost of password administration via centralized password management and automated synchronization.
  • Improves employee productivity through reduced downtime and faster access to software.
  • Improves business agility via faster deployment of application software changes
  • Leverages the technologies of “already installed” software including Microsoft Active Directory, IBM AS400, Microsoft SQL Server, TMW Systems, Microsoft Hosted Exchange, RVI Document Management, Etc.

IDSync® Advanced Functionality and Features

  • Access Manager
  • Identity Manager
  • Login Manager
  • Password Manager
  • Password Protection
  • Reporting and Auditing