IDSync®Cloud and On-premise Identity Platform

IDSync® is a low cost, extensible, identity management software tool suitable for mid-size enterprises (100 to 10,000 employees) that provides direct integration to Microsoft’s Active Directory system and allows application level security management for both on-premise and cloud applications.

IDSync® allows you to manage your users and Line Of Business applications in one location, using a tool you already use every day – Active Directory Users and Computers.

You can enable users and set their security settings just as you would in the application. IDSync® also allows you to synchronize the user passwords, from Active Directory to the applications, so users can access the applications with the same password they use to log in to Windows. This allows you to enforce password policies without the burden of having to support users who have trouble remembering several passwords for several programs – requiring frequent password resets.

IDSync® also leverages the power of Windows security groups. You can set application security settings at a group level, and members of that group are automatically provisioned with the proper application permissions.

IDSync® is designed to reduce IT costs and security risks relating to computer user password, identity and access management to software applications and data residing on diverse operating systems (Microsoft Windows & IBM AS400, Cloud Applications, UNIX, and more).

IDSync® Product Vision

  • Provide a low-cost, extensible Identity Management software tool suitable for mid-size enterprises that is directly integrated to Microsoft Active Directory platform.
  • Reduce business risk related to potential data breaches
  • Lower the cost of password administration via automated processes
  • Improve employee productivity through reduced downtime
  • Improve business agility via faster deployment of application software changes
  • Manage user access to software applications residing on diverse operating systems (Microsoft Windows & IBM AS400, Cloud Applications, Unix)

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