IDSync Cloud Portal for Microsoft Active Directory

Manage ALL Customers and  ALL Active Directories from a Single Web Browser

Faster Customer Service –  Increased MSP Revenue
Reduced IT Costs – Lower Security Risk


Active Directory Users & Group Management

For Internal & External IT Service Providers

Detailed Security Rights Management

Audit Trail & Two Factor Authentication


Manage Active Directory from a Web Browser

IDSync® AD Cloud Portal (ADCP) provides a secure means for an internal or external service provider, service desk or service department to manage their own Active Directory (AD) Users and Groups accounts or those of their customers via a web-browser, from on-premises or remote locations via the IDSync AD Cloud Portal. Included is the ability to securely delegate rights to business users and department managers to enable management of selected AD objects pertaining to their roles.

Easily Create New User Accounts and Reset Passwords

Better Customer Service with Lower Help Desk Costs

Estimated at 30% by Meta Group, password change and reset ticket s represent a substantial portion of the calls handled by an IT help desk. Using the IDSync® Cloud Console, you can more efficiently manage this workload and reset locked accounts or change a users’ AD password more quickly from a browser-based interface.

Microsoft Active Directory – Complete Add, Change, Delete/Disable, Update & Password Reset Capability

For External or Internal Service Providers (or Both Simultaneously)

The IDSync® Cloud Console is intended for use by external or internal service providers who want to provide additional value for their customers, reduce IT costs or add revenue to their bottom line by being able to provide faster service and more value.


Looks like ADUC – Easy to Learn

The information in the IDSync® Cloud Console is always current and updated with the most recent user information contained in Active Directory, all without any additional maintenance efforts. The real benefit is a fast response to customer requests or IT needs. The ability to view multiple Active Directories from different customers makes finding any single user record fast and easy.

Manage Active Directory (On-Premise, Azure) for ALL Customers, from One Web Browser

For an MSP that uses the IDSync® Cloud Portal, the service provider can now gain access to their customer’s Active Directory through a single and convenient login to Odin Automation that shows all Active Directory users with select meta-data about each user.

Using a web browser, from within the IDSync® Cloud Console you can perform multiple activities, such as creating, deleting, enabling or disabling Active Directory objects, as well as view or edit meta-data information. just like Active Directory, you make a change by selecting a user, and an action from the context menu. The change is automatically applied in Active Directory, Cloud Portal as well as all connected systems such as Odin Automation, Ingram Marketplace and more — all in real-time.

Seamlessly interchange Active Directory and IDSync® Cloud Console interfaces

Manage Active Directory Users, Groups, Contacts and Computers using an interface similar to the one you already know from the AD Management Console. Create Users and Groups with the same level of requirements and restrictions that Active Directory has.


View Audit Logs, Distribute AD Admin Tasks, Retain Centralized Control

Grant and limit the exact permissions needed by your users, easily limiting or expanding the scope of activities and objects that can be created or changed. IDSync® Cloud Portal will create fully traceable audit records for every change that portal users perform, giving you detailed and accurate Audit logs of all the tasks that are being performed against the Active Directory objects.

Active Directory Audit Log


Eliminate the Risk and Need to Share Passwords

And then, to go through the delay and effort to find the right tools for customer login, managing the login credentials and then finally logging in to the customer’s Active Directory via a VPN, all while the user is on the phone, to make the changes requested by the user. While a VPN approach is used by many it can be slow and clumsy and comes with a fair amount of overhead, including the need to do this over and over for each service engineer or as many times happens, be open to the risks of password and rights sharing by privileged users.

No VPN, No RDP, No Need for AD privileged user accounts

A primary benefit of the IDSync® Cloud Portal is to bypass the effort, cost and customer coordination required to set up and administer VPN, RDP and AD privileged account logins for a help desk staff, for each of engineer or other service provider’s customer’s Active Directory environments which they support.

Distribute Limited Privileges & Secure Direct Access to Active Directory

Access rights to AD can be narrowly limited and safely shared with non-IT staff such as human resources, departmental managers, partners, vendors, contractors, etc. to directly manage AD users and groups under their control and thereby free up IT staff for other duties and reduce the internal communications and time it takes for end users to access work-dependent resources and tools.

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Management

To simplify management of Hybrid or Multi-Cloud environments, ADCP enables the management of the local or cloud versions of Active Directory, on-premise or AD located in an Azure VM. Going further, by using the IDSync Azure AD connector, changes in the AD are detected and synchronized to Azure AD thus maintaining the synchronization between local AD and the Azure AD environment sufficient to support Office 365 Exchange. The real benefit is the ability to support all these environments from a single, easy to use, simple web browser saving both IT support and customer time.