Identity Syncronizer™ Releases New Active Directory Connector for WebsitePanel 2.0

Includes Bulk Linker, Security Groups and User Self-Service Resets Helps to Maximize Cloud Service Provider Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Perrysburg, Ohio March 5, 2013

Customers of WebsitePanel 2.0, a provisioning platform for Cloud and IT Service Providers can now utilize Identity Syncronizer™ to integrate customer identity information from Microsoft’s Active Directory via the use of the new Identity Syncronizer™ connector.

WebsitePanel Connector, this new integration, announced today by InnerApps LLC dramatically improves the ability of Cloud and IT Service Providers who use the new version of WebsitePanel platform to automate the provisioning of their hosted applications, providing quick on-boarding of new customers.  It provisions user access and privileges by leveraging the end-customer’s Active Directory system as a centralized  cloud identity management system.


A user’s corporate identity, stored within Active Directory, is synchronized with WebsitePanel bi-directionally keeping all critical information such as name, location, phone, application and service configuration information updated with each change made at the end-customer. IDSync® ( manages the on-boarding, bulk provisioning, password management, and synchronization of the data between WebsitePanel security mechanisms and the centralized store of user’s identity and provisioning information in Active Directory. This gives WebsitePanel administrators a quick and easy way to eliminate client adoption barriers and manage user and resource information on an on-going basis while eliminating the need to maintain the same data in two systems.


Identity Syncronizer™ extends the standard Active Directory property pages to provide centralized management of a User’s credentials, information, and application configuration information in a single location. This is accomplished by inserting application specific tabs within the Active Directory management tools. With Identity Syncronizer™ the Service or Cloud provider extends their brand presence INSIDE the customer site by having a fully branded tab, complete with logo, for their product offerings directly within the customer’s Active Directory environment.


In addition, Identity Syncronizer™ provides full featured client-side self-service, auditing and reporting features for each connected application. Using the self-service system the user can maintain their own basic contact and personal information. Additionally, users can reset their own password by authenticating with a set of pre- registered security questions. Furthermore, all security and provisioning changes made to the user account, application privileges, security groups, and even passwords are logged for compliance and auditing purposes. With the addition of the WebsitePanel connector, Identity Syncronizer extends these same features and services to end-users.

About Identity Syncronizer™

Identity Syncronizer™ is an Identity Access and Management (IAM) platform for both on-premise and Cloud based applications providing direct integration with Active Directory for provisioning, management, auditing, password synchronization, single password sign on and user self-service. IDSync’s WebsitePanel integration provides WebsitePanel users with full Active Directory integration for their end-customers and provides automated provisioning of end-users into WebSitePanel, two-way synchronization of end-user information (name, address, e-mail, etc.), and provides security provisioning and integration complete with full password synchronization and user self-service. IDSync® provides real -time updates to WebsitePanel (not batched) as changes occur and when combined with password synchronization and user self-service features, IDSync® fully automates time consuming user security tasks for the Cloud Providers making them more productive.

For more information: InnerApps, LLC. 888-908-SYNC (7962)