Active Directory Cloud Portal – Battle Card

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Active Directory Cloud Portal – Sales Battle Card


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Active Directory Cloud Portal (ADCP)

IMC Category


For IT service providers including MSP’s and end user IT or HR departments that have a need to enable secure but limited access to Active Directory using the convenience of an internet browser, without the time delay and overhead of direct login to AD requiring AD user accounts, VPN’s and RDP software, the risky use of shared passwords by multiple IT service people or the over provisioning of AD “rights” and “privileges” to level 1 help desk staff.

IDSync’s Active Directory Cloud Portal (ADCP) is a more efficient and secure way for those with help desk responsibilities to gain secure but limited access to Active Directory records. A way for service providers or larger help desks to reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction and minimize risk and liability associated with distributed management of Active Directory records.


For an internal or external IT service provider to distinguish themselves as a service, cost & security conscious provider that used tools suitable for customers demanding fast response to end user requests and auditable/accountable service provider transactional events including enabling compliance with regulatory requirements. Many industries including health, financial and government industries are higher priority but the need to limit access to user identity and personal information and then track and audit those security sensitive transactions also applies to those firms subject to HIPPA, SOX, PCI, FISMA, GLBA, GDPR regulatory requirements.

Elevator Pitch for New MSP

Take the high road to better customer security while lowering your cost of running your help desk operations. Distinguish yourself as a service provider by providing secure and auditable AD management services in a convenient web browser format. All customers, all active directories, All users, simultaneously available to help desk staff via the ADCP Cloud Console.

No need for separate Active Directory user accounts, shared passwords, separate logins etc. Ability to monitor and account for all transactions and all changes/ actions made to AD records via ADCP. In short, lower risk, lower cost, faster customer service.

Elevator Pitch for New Reseller

Top 5 Features

Benefits to Enduser

  1. Real-time, Event driven information
Changes made in the AD Cloud Portal are immediately reflected in on-premise Active Directory and recording in audit log of individual accountability.
  1. Simple to use
AD user changes are very simple, no need for AD training. Can be used by level 1 help desk or even department managers in a secure and managed way.
  1. Fast(est) Technique for remote management of AD
Fastest way to respond to end user requests for password resets. No VPN, RDP, or port changes required. All MSP AD’s with all AD users, immediately available to help desk staff via login to Ingram Marketplace.
  1. Security Studio for Access Control
“Security Trimmed User Access” means very granular & tight administrative control of who can access AD, what they can do, and to which records they can view or change.
  1. Designed for Flexible MSP End User use
Access to AD records can be shared between MSP and customer so that each has appropriate level of access and they can both use the system interchangeably going so far as to hand access to department heads and HR as well as IT service staff.

Enduser Profile
(Who has the problem or pain?)

Benefits to Customer for Solving the Problem
(Increase X or Decrease Y)

Industry Vertical(s): No specific vertical but especially applicable to regulated industries or customers highly sensitive to For MSP’s and customers who need to distribute variable and auditable access to Active Directory including service providers, internal IT staffs, Human Resources, Department supervisors.
Size: Reduced labor, faster customer service, happier end users, more secure logins to Active Directory, more secure
Business model: (if applicable) Enables compliance with HIPPA, SOX, PCI, FISMA, GLBA, GDPR
Roles: MSP’s, IT and Security Managers responsible for Active Directory administration and changes to Active Directory records.
Problems: (by role, if applicable) High Risk, High liablity, slow access to Active Directory

Probing Questions

Your Response

  1. How do you do it now?
Legacy methods of VPN, RDP, firewall port changes are antiquated techniques that lend themselves to rampant password sharing and security violations. ADCP fixes all of this by enabling AD access via light weight, secure, internet web browser allowing secure access from anywhere withou
  1. Is there anybody who share passwords for Access to Active Directory
ADCP makes it easy for everybody to have their own password for exactly the level of access needed to perform their role.
  1. If somebody makes a change to Active Directory record, do you know exactly who and what was changed?
The ability to audit changes is important to many business and security regulations and standards but further is important for potential liability reasons for those who want to be able to account for their actions in Active Directory and don’t want to be accursed of making changes they did not participate in.
  1. Do you use VPN or RDP to gain access to customers Active Directory
Slow, expensive, requires access to very specific tools at the time of need limiting mobility and requiring distribution of these tools to all who need them.
  1. Do you need access to multiple Active Directories at the Same time.
For service providers who work with multiple customers at the same time, having quick access to ALL user data for ALL customers at same time is important

MSP Partner Program (levels, training, sales & marketing tools)

  • QuickStart Service Package to provide training for MSP engineer and to get MSP’s first customer up and running quickly.
  • PowerPoint & Product Brochure
  • User Guides

MSP Requirements

Agreement: Usage Report (monthly, quarterly):
Training: QuickStart Service Package Other:
Data Center: Other:

Product Limitations

For security reasons, user access to Active Directory “restricted” user accounts are disabled.

Competitive Comparison

Vendor Product(s) How you compare. (a matrix can be inserted here)
NA MSP’s and customers currently manage AD access using crude legacy tools that encourage password sharing among IT staff and lack accountability, an understanding of what firm or what person made what changes to AD. Current techniques of Access to AD may be the biggest internal threat to data security. ADCP fixes this problem and further provides the Odin based MSP with a way to distinguish themselves from other service providers, thus serving as both a recruiting tool for Odin service providers and for MSP’s aligned with Odin based providers.



Support for Response

No, all integration software is on the resellers premises and the billing data is a one way push from Ingram to the PSA system
Does the Billing Studio do customer billing No, the billing studio provides billing information needed by the MSP to prepare their customer invoices. Actual billing functions are performed by the PSA system in the exact way they have always performed them in the past.

Buzzwords/Common Phrases

AD – Microsoft Active Directory, an identity management database used by 95% of all businesses.

VPN – Virtual private network, a private network between a service provider and a remote network

RDP – Used to provide remote logins to remote computing services


Product Who is the perfect prospect for it? How would it benefit the customer?
QuickStart Services – Get expert guidance and assistance with IDSync software deployment and setup. Requires customer engineer to participate. See QuickStart brochure. Service providers who have purchased the AD Cloud Portal product. Minimizes effort, fast startup, no large project before they start saving money.

Service package that includes knowledge transfer services to get customer quickly started and the administrator sufficiently educated to manage and operate their own installation without help desk assistance from Ingram.

IDSync Contacts for Autotask and Connectwise Reseller that needs detailed contact information directly imported from AD into their PSA system.

Allows MSP to make changes to contact records by making changes to AD records and simplifying the provisioning process.

Accurate and detailed contact information reduces the cost of PSA administration and help ticket management. Ready access to contact information by help desk staff. Used by marketing to assist with individual customer management and larger email campaigns. Includes user meta-data and password synchronization for reduced customer support costs.