Cloud Billing Studio for Ingram Marketplace Easy Invoicing for MSPs

Cloud Billing Studio for Ingram Marketplace

Easy Invoicing for MSP’s

Info Sheet
Info Sheet for IDSync’s Cloud Billing Studio, Easy Invoicing software designed to minimize the cost and effort associated with the rebilling of Marketplace SaaS software licenses.


IDSync Cloud Billing Studio Overview 2 minutes
IDSync Cloud Billing Studio Overview 2 minutes

Easy Invoicing – Software  demo/discussion video 26 minutes
Easy Invoicing – Customer demo/discussion video 26 minutes

IDSync Cloud Billing Studio – Quickstart Services Page
IDSync Cloud Billing Studio – Quickstart Services Page

What is Cloud Billing Studio?
IDSync’s Cloud Billing Studio is an integration between the Ingram Cloud Marketplace and the invoicing systems used by their MSP customers for purposes of reducing the time and cost to the MSP to reinvoice
Marketplace SaaS subscriptions

Accurate & Timely Invoice Data For Easy Customer Rebilling

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The software includes secure integrations to Marketplace invoicing data and process in formats that are convenient and easy for the MSP to complete the reinvoicing of SaaS subscriptions.

It includes license counts, effective dates, subscription data and is used to update the MSP’s invoicing database for further processing to include prorating, Azure billing info, MSRP, product description over-rides and more.

This supports the MSPs need for an easy, quick, hands-free, invoice-ready data package suitable for import to the supported PSA systems (Connectwise & Autotask) via an API to API direct integration of systems and other  3rd party systems via file import for example,  QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

What are the primary software features of the product?

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Billing Console

Dashboard Reports

Data Exports

Account/Subscription Mapping

Alerts & Notifications of Changes

User Rights Administration

QuickStart Deployment Service

What about User Requirements?
To deploy IDSync in an effective manner, administrative login credentials to the Marketplace, the PSA system if using one (Connectwise or Autotask) their invoicing system and the IDSync Cloud Billing Studio.

All interaction with the IDSync cloud is via a modern browser and operations of the integrated systems is usually managed by back office staff who have an understanding of the Ingram Marketplace, the invoicing system they use and the nature of the problem to be solved, integrating these systems so they work together.

3rd Party Invoicing Systems
For 3rd party invoicing systems including QuickBooks and Xero, Marketplace data is delivered using “Smart Template” technology to support the extraction, transformation and reimport of Marketplace data.  For PSA systems, these are supported by automated monitoring and updating of subscription/invoicing data needed to support the PSA billing process.

Improve Sales

Dashboard Report Features
All Dashboard reports feature sort, filter, select & export capabilities designed to assist the back office staff manage the data and management reports useful for marketing and sales planning purposes.    The data is derived from the MSP’s subscription info in the Marketplace and updated for MSP use,
on average, about every 2 hours.


  • How often is the data current?
    ¼ – 4 hours after a Marketplace  subscription purchase or other change transaction.
  • How much effort does it take until it is ready for use?
    2-3 desktop sharing sessions to train the back office staff (see Quickstart) and get a representative set of MSP accounts actually reinvoicing.  The goal is knowledgeable staff, fast start and a processing  pattern that can be repeated every invoicing cycle.
  • How do you do pro rate partial month subscriptions?
    Just Like Ingram – prorate the month of purchase.  There is also an option to pro rate the last month.
  • How do I know  who to bill and when?
    We provide a dashboard report that allows you to shows all  accounts, all subscriptions, with start and end date subscription information.  IDSync also tracks and reports on  upcoming scheduled invoice for cash management and back-office planning purposes.
  • How can I predict when the Ingram invoice will arrive?
    See IDSync’s invoice calendar dashboard to predict invoicing schedule and plan for invoicing events.
  • Can I change prices or product descriptions?Subscription Report
    Yes, at the individual account level or globally for all accounts you can over ride standard suggested Marketplace prices.

Use Case for IDSync’s Cloud Billing Studio
While IDSync’s Cloud Billing Studio has many automated features, including Alerts, analytic reports and graphs to help manage the billing process, the primary focus of system is to track and simplify the rebilling of licenses.

The license count and effective dates are the key ingredients to calculating your customer’s invoice and getting paid. IDSync provides this information in a format that makes it easy to prepare that invoice and get it out the door.

Sales of SaaS Software
It all starts with the sale of software from the Ingram Cloud….the purchases and  adjustments as customers add and disable licenses on a regular basis. Keeping track of the license count and the effective date of purchase, doing the pro-rating,  can  at a minimum be  a huge time sink and may in fact be a back office bottleneck, trying to sort, collate, enter data, pro-rate,  change prices, etc. causing late, incorrect and/or an expensive invoicing process.

All this to simply collect your money for what is already a thin margin business.  IDSync Cloud Billing Studio streamlines the process of preparing an invoice to help the MSP reduce the time and cost of collection.

Avoiding Complications

Tight Integration with Ingram Marketplace
Using Ingram the standard API in the Ingram Marketplace a tight integration between Ingram  and the MSP’s invoicing system offers  the MSP an easy way to  create the data input neeted to match their invoicing process.

Your Staff Will Approve
So whether it is an invoice for a single customer or batch of them, the process is simple fast and flexible.  We invite you to start using Cloud Billing software today…..not only will your back office staff like it, taking the effort out of rebilling, but, so will your CFO and sales staff for it’s effect on working capital, bad debt and improved customer satisfaction.

 IDSync Has a Better Way – Fresh Billing Data as Needed – A Process that Works
We invite you to try it today, it can easily be downloaded from the Marketplace and we guarantee user satisfaction for those including the QuickStart service package at time of purchase.